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In a few short words

I used to be the digital guy in the old media world, but now I'm just the digital guy...

I have been working in the borderland of new and old media since I set up the first server on 
aftonbladet.se in 1994, and seen them grow to a massive site in both numbers and attention. I've been called a wizkid, a guru, a rebell (officially by Apple) and a pain in the ass (semi-official and with lot's of love by Google - view full profile on LinkedIn and look for Google in the recommendations).

Always with one leg in userland, one in technology and one in the business model I have been involved in painting the map of the digital landscape in scandinavia for 15 years now. And I still love it. Today a lot of my time is spent as a CEO whisperer, with an edge towards trends, knowledge and execution in the area of digital- and social media. I'm also a small investor, senior advisor and board member in everything from startups to highly mature companies.

My current venture is Mindpark, a development agency, of which I'm the founder and CEO. Among many things Mindpark is the center of debate, development and evolution of all things media in sweden, as we hold the 46 most brilliant personalities in our 
associated team (in swedish, sorry. I hope Gtranslate makes some good of it).

Trivia: I used to be a photographer running my own business for five years, then went on to the military and stayed there for another seven years before entering the IT/Media-business about the same time as internet took off. I walk the talk and love my job. So does my family. I do a lot of pro bono as well, currently in the arena of Open Government and ”open everything”. When we recently renovated our entire home my drums was the first thing to be set in place.

What I can do for you

My offering in very few words.

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